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We're Megan + Erinn, coffee addicts, sisters and your new friend!

We are Alberta wedding, elopement and brand photographers. When you hire a photographer, you spend lots of time getting up close and personal with their cameras. We love capturing authentic, natural moments and that’s only possible if you feel comfortable with us. Scroll around and get to know us, after all we will spending a little time together! 

Alberta wedding, elopement and brand photography


As the middle child of a family of three girls, Megan is deeply creative, kind and trustworthy. She graduated with a Bachelor of Communication in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing. A few years back she picked up running as a hobby and hasn’t looked back since.

When she's not behind the camera, Megan is the Creative Director and Owner of the boutique graphic design studio Little Dot Creative. She loves designing and decorating, spending time with friends and family and playing with her black lab Nilla. 

Alberta wedding, elopement and brand photography


The youngest of three sisters, Erinn is passionate, approachable and spontaneous. She graduated with a Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. She is always keeping busy with little projects, editing, DIY's or planning her next trip. 

She loves anything and everything that gets her outdoors from hiking, camping, floating down the Calgary rivers or drinking on a patio (that counts as "outdoors" right?). 

Alberta wedding, elopement and brand photography     


We are totally goo-goo eyes for travelling the globe and would be thrilled to follow you on an adventure where ever that is. Some dream photoshoot locations are:








Two Takes

We might be sisters, and have a lot in common (we did start this business together after all) but we also have our differences. Get to know us better below!


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How we work


We laugh a lot, make fun of ourselves and sometimes totally embarrass ourselves for the sake of the photo. We cannot wait to start our adventure with you but before we jump in you should get to know our processes a little bit.

Here are a few key items to keep in mind:

+ We think you are gorgeous

Like hair flipping, runway model, starry-eyed gorgeous! Becuase of that, we do not do any major photoshopping or body modification editing on your photos. We showcase you as you are, looking your most fabulous

+ Image Delivery Time

Sneak peeks will be in your inbox within three days of the shoot. Your OMG, OMG! Moment for the wedding photos will come 6 weeks after your wedding day, while brand and portrait shoots will come within 3 weeks. 

+ Communication

Non-repliers are so lame! We promise to always get back to you within 2 business days.

+ We back up all your photos

We back-up all of your images twice to ensure that they are safe from the scary mysterious world of technology breakdowns but we encourage all clients to back-up their own photos for extra safety! We deliver galleries online which means that the cloud has got our back with a third photo backup.