Resonance Art Studio | Calgary Brand Photographer

Kristen has been a creative soul ever since she was a little girl and trust us, we can say this with full confidence because she is our big sister. Growing up in a house of three girls meant that when you got time to yourself you cherished every second of it. For Kristen, that meant doodling, drawing, painting or doing anything artistic that she could get her hands on. Every birthday party as a child featured a craft portion where we would sit around the kitchen table with our friends and make piggy banks, pen holders, candy jars, anything you could think of! It seems obvious now that we were all destined to release this creativity as adults, and you best believe that we did just that. Mom is an interior designer, Megan is a graphic designer and photographer, Erinn is a photographer and Kristen a High School art teacher and artist.

From Kristen's ongoing love of music, Resonance Art Studio was born. For Kristen, music and sound are often connected to important moments and memories. She uses these moments as inspiration to create abstract paintings that include sound waves and symbolic colours as you will see in the photographs. Her pieces resonate with viewers because of our shared experience with music and sound. Kristen aims to make emotional experiences tangible and relatable.

In summer of 2017, Kristen was awarded an opportunity to work in an ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design) studio as a resident artist. For her final piece she decided to touch on the political environment that is so evident in our daily lives today while still incorporating a sound wave element. The inspiration for her pieces came from the sometimes sickening way that politicians can so quickly spread their bigoted and sexist views, the same way a deadly disease may spread. By pairing the sound waves of famously ignorant speeches with deadly diseases she hopes to encourage people to speak out or even just become more aware of how poisonous political commentary can be.

We had the opportunity to visit Kristen in her studio and take some photos of her working on the final touches of her design. Check out her work below and on her website


Alberta College of Art and Design - Calgary AB