Socialize Your Biz | Alberta Brand Photographer

We had so much fun taking Amy's brand photos for her business Socialize Your Biz. We started the photo shoot in her amazing home office and then finished it off at the always gorgeous Rosso Coffee Roasters at their location in Tuxedo (we think this is our new favourite photo location)!

Amy was so amazing to shoot with, her passion for her business and her family and her friendly, light-hearted personality shone through in each of our interactions. Socialize Your Biz helps small business owners and entrepreneurs plan and optimize their social media channels while making connections and improving the businesses reputation. We were so excited to help Amy get high-quality photos that would let her personality shine through and show her clients what it is like to collaborate with an amazing woman such as her.

Scroll through the photos below to see some of our favourites and check out Amy at


Amy's Home Office

Rosso Coffee Roasters - Tuxedo Location
Alberta-Brand-Lifestyle-PhotographyArtboard 4.jpg
Alberta-Brand-Lifestyle-PhotographyArtboard 5.jpg
Alberta-Brand-Lifestyle-PhotographyArtboard 3.jpg