6 Reasons Why You Need To Do A First Look At Your Wedding

Every couple should do a First Look! Your wedding day is going to be fast-paced and filled with family and friends, taking a moment to see each other before you are thrown into a crazy busy day provides you with much needed alone time, peace and intimacy during the big day. It is these slow moments during the day where you get to be alone with your loved one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

We've continually seen that weddings with a First Look tend to go a lot smoother and is much less stressful on the couple. When reading through try to think about what you want for your wedding day, what is really important, how you want it to feel and what you want to remember.

What is a "First Look"?

A first look is simply “seeing each other before the ceremony.” Traditionally, couples will wait until the ceremony before seeing each other for the first time that day. However, it’s becoming more and more popular to see each other just before the ceremony.

If you’re the type that doesn’t really want to hear about a first look then don’t do it. But if you’re the type that is a little open-minded and wants to know more, then a first look might just be right for you. We are strong believers that the first look should be the new tradition. If you are shy, don’t like being the centre of attention, don’t like big crowds or just get anxious easily than a First Look is the perfect way to help your wedding day be more enjoyable. It is an incredibly special moment that you can never get back PLUS you get to experience the “walk down the aisle” magic TWICE. For us, that’s enough of a reason to do a first look but here are

6 reasons why you NEED to do a first look on your wedding day:

1. It calms your nerves

Imagine base jumping off of a cliff and then having to concentrate on the most special and romantic moment of your life, in front of a crowd of people. Your adrenaline is racing and you’re just trying to get through it without stumbling so much so that you aren’t actually taking any of it in and likely won't remember the details of the moment a few years from now. A first look helps to drain the adrenaline so that when it comes down to the important moments you are fully present and can take it all in without any distractions.

The truth: We have noticed that our couples who don’t do first looks are distracted and detached from their ceremony. They nervously fidget, they look around or at their feet or just stare straight ahead rather than engaging in and listening to the ceremony they so carefully planned out.

2. Your wedding day is going to go by FAST

This isn’t an overstatement. There is so much happening on your wedding day that sometimes taking it all in just isn’t possible. If that tradition of seeing each other AT the ceremony is valuable to you, other things have to be appropriately moved around to accommodate. There is only so much time in one day and wouldn’t you want to spend the majority of your wedding day with the person that you’re marrying? Doing a first look allows you to not only see each other sooner but it solves a lot of timeline problems like trying to cram all of your photos into a small 2-hour time slot between the ceremony and dinner.

The truth: Doing a first look adds a precious extra 30 minutes to your timeline of pure romance. 30 minutes right before the craziness in which you get to cuddle, ogle at and love upon your beau without anyone else around. Isn't that what weddings are all about?

3. You can be present at your wedding

Besides family formals, you can finish the majority of the wedding party and couples portraits before the ceremony even begins. Instead of trying to cram all of the portraits and family formals in an hour to an hour and a half after the ceremony when all you want to do is drink and visit with your guests, you can give yourself a more relaxed timeline. Plus instead of worrying about getting everything done, and going from one portrait to the next to the next, all the portraits are much more relaxed and a lot more fun.

The truth: Lot’s of couples plan their cocktail hour for their guests and see it as a time for the guests to be occupied while you’re off taking pictures. But by the time the wedding rolls around so many of our couples say that they just want to enjoy their guests and the cocktail hour instead of taking pictures. Doing a first look before the ceremony gives you the freedom to enjoy every aspect of the wedding you so carefully planned, and gives you that extra time with your guests that have come from all over the place to celebrate with you. 

4. The feelings don't go away

Every couple (that’s not an exaggeration, EVERY SINGLE COUPLE) that has done a first look was adamant that it did not take away from the “walk down the aisle” moment and that in fact they were able to enjoy the walk down the aisle even more because they weren’t just a huge ball of nerves and adrenaline. Here is just one example of a reaction during the first look versus their reactions just 30 minutes later at the ceremony:


5. You get to interact more naturally

When you see each other for the first time when you walk down the aisle, you can’t hug each other or tell each other how amazing you each look. If you only see each other at the altar, you have to wait 30 minutes before you have the chance to let out that “Holy shit you look amazing”, and by then, the initial reaction has worn off.

The truth: When we think of our wedding days we picture the most perfect day of spending time with our loved ones and celebrating a new chapter in our lives. If you have a 3 p.m. ceremony and you don’t do a first look than you’ve now gone through half the day without saying a single word or hugging or kissing to your soon-to-be spouse. 

6. You get the most honest reactions

Seriously you guys, the reaction during a walk down the aisle is NOTHING compared to a first look reaction. When you aren’t the center of attention in front of a room full of people you can react in the way you truly feel, no judgment or no pressure. Let the tears flow, the laughs burst through and the “holy shits” come free, it’s just you two (and your photographer but don’t worry you forget they’re there) so you can do what feels right! We’ve had couples cry, laugh, jump in the air, kiss and run around. All things they wouldn’t be able to do at the altar.

We want you to live in the moment and not just relive it through the photos. We want you to be present with your guests. A first look gives you the flexibility to get all your portraits totally out of the way so you can hang out with the people you love the most. And that's what having a wedding is all about.

Here are some of our favourite first look moments:

Why-you-should-do-a-first-look-at-your-weddingArtboard 7.jpg
Why-you-should-do-a-first-look-at-your-weddingArtboard 8.jpg
Why-you-should-do-a-first-look-at-your-weddingArtboard 4.jpg
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