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photos for your business, brand, blog and insta

As fellow soloprenuers we know the struggle of doing it all by yourself and how disheartening it can be when you see the cost of hiring help. We offer affordable head shots, portraits and brand imagery to use on all your platforms.

Just looking to collaborate? We are so glad you asked! Send us a message and let's chat about how we can share our passions. 

Alberta wedding, elopement and brand photography
Alberta wedding, elopement and brand photography

I'm so awkward! I can't model! It'll be weird!

Girl, EVERYONE says that. You aren't alone and TBH we think your little quirks make you totally amazing and uniquely you.

Your passion, drive, style and total ass-kicking attitude makes us so excited! We want to capture you as you are. We won’t make you hold up picture frames to awkwardly stand behind, or carefully arrange you in unfamiliar positions. That stuff kinda makes us cringe.

You’re quirky and unusual and nontraditional. You aren’t like anybody else, and we LOVE that. We give TONS of direction, and have lots of ideas for your photos. Leave all of that up to us! 

Alberta wedding, elopement and brand photography
Alberta wedding, elopement and brand photography
Alberta wedding, elopement and brand photography

brand packages

All brand packages include the following:

  • Two photographers [that’s us!]

  • Custom prop recommendations.

  • Location scouting to find the best backdrop for your brand.

  • Online gallery of high-resolution images delivered within 4 weeks of your session.

  • Full printing rights to your photos.


How We work

We laugh a lot, make fun of ourselves and sometimes totally embarrass ourselves for the sake of the photo. We cannot wait to start our adventure with you but before we jump in you should get to know our processes a little bit. Here's how we work:


The Date Phase

You fill out the questionnaire we review and ask any questions we may have and if we think we're a good fit for each other, we send you the contract + invoice!


The Adventure Phase

We chat about more specifics like location, shot list, what to wear etc. Once all the boring stuff is out of the way we follow you around, and capture all the magic. Forest, cafe, cabin, garden, orchard, treehouse, backyard, your house, our house it doesn’t matter where it is.



Go gaga for your photos. High fives doled out. Get your sneak peeks in a week and your full gallery within 4 weeks.



How much editing do you do to the photos?

We think you are gorgeous, like hair flipping, runway model, starry-eyed gorgeous! Because of that, we do not any major photoshopping or body modification editing on your photos. We showcase you as you are, looking your most fabulous. All of our photos get a colour correction, we remove any distracting objects (or pesky light switches), and most of all ensure it is consistent with our style, which is reflected in our portfolio and blog!

When do I get the images?

We know waiting is hard so you get a little sneak peek at the photos within a week with the full gallery delivered within 4 weeks. 

What's your style?

We have a very light, airy and bright style! We love capturing joy, and you'll notice that most of our photos have happy, smiling people! We can't help ourselves, we love to laugh, and aren't afraid to make a fool of ourself to get a grin planted on your face! 

What happens if I lose my photo files?

We back-up all of your images and ensure that they are safe from the scary confusing world of technology breakdowns but we encourage all clients to back-up their own photos for extra safety. All galleries will be delivered online with both high-res and web quality downloads. 

Where can I use the images?

Anywhere you want! Most of our clients use them on their social media, website, blog, etc. You get printing rights to the photo so you can use it in print, an advertisement, etc. All we ask is that you give credit, we work hard to produce photos you'll love, and always appreciate credit! 

How many images do I get?

Each package is a little different so just pick the one that suits your needs the best! If you would like to purchase more photos than what's in the package, please let us know in your inquiry. Photos are $20/5 photos and are sold in sets of five only. 


Love Notes

The whole process was so simple! I really enjoyed getting to know Megan and Erinn during the shoot and they made my products look BEAUTIFUL. I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time.
— Jo-Anne Wilson (Herbal Healing)
Alberta wedding, elopement and brand photography
My experience was awesome. They made the whole day feel so comfortable and natural. Because I was doing brand photos for my social media and blog, it was very important to feel like the photos were a genuine representation of myself and I was in awe of how well they were able to capture my personality and all those goofy in-between candid moments that really show who I am. Such a wonderful experience!
— Laura Winter
The best part of the photo shoot was hanging out and having fun. I really enjoyed the afternoon and was blown away by my photos. Overall, I was really impressed and felt totally at ease.
— Lauren (Studio Lo Creative)

Past Sessions

A little peek into some of our past brand photography sessions.