Kind words from kind people


These look amazing! I've never been happier to be stalked up a mountain. You ladies are the best!

- Jeremy + Sarah

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We had a great time and you both made us feel really comfortable and not feel like "why am I here, what am I doing." By the end of the shoot Brent totally thought he was a model. We will definitely hire you guys again! 

- Ashley + Brent 

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The whole process was so simple! I really enjoyed getting to know Megan and Erinn during the shoot and they made my products look BEAUTIFUL. I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time. 

- Jo-Anne Wilson (Herbal Healing)

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YOU GUYSSSSSSS, The pics are so freaking good. I love them. So, so, so much! I can't wait to see the rest. I cried, our moms cried. They're amazing.

- Kayliegh + Steve

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OMGoodness! We LOVE them. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT! You both are amazing! We had gotten so many compliments on them already.

- Lisa + Paul

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My experience was awesome. They made the whole day feel so comfortable and natural. Because I was doing brand photos for my social media and blog, it was very important to feel like the photos were a genuine representation of myself and I was in awe of how well they were able to capture my personality and all those goofy in-between candid moments that really show who I am. Such a wonderful experience!

- Laura Winter

Me and my fiancé had an amazing experience with ME + You Studios for our engagement photos. They were friendly, gave helpful advice on wardrobe choices, and had many awesome posing ideas. They are able to help you feel yourself, and have fun, so that your photos don’t look stagnant and stiff. Megan & Erinn are the perfect pair! 10/10 would recommend

- Shelby + Paul

ME + You Studios Wedding, Portrait and Brand photographer

I am MORE than happy with these photos!! They are simple and beautiful. Thank you again!!!

-Brittany from Bourbon & Honey

Highly recommend for amazing high quality photos! The price is right, the girls are awesome and the pictures speak a thousand words. They definitely have the talent to get the pictures you want!

- Biancha + Dan